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All dogs need to be on leash or carried securely in arms. Please do not let your dogs run around our parking lot off leash! Please do not let your

dogs run around our lobby off leash! We have guard dogs that may be dog aggressive who sometimes use our services and it is very important

that your dog remain on leash! Please do not approach or try to pet other dogs that are not yours for the same reason!


Please remain in the lobby and DO NOT open any hallway or boarding suite doors! The only time clients are allowed down our hallways or in

boarding suites is during an orderly, escorted tour.


When checking in your pet it is very important to relay to them that you are at ease with bringing them to stay with us. Picture the way it is at

daycare or kindergarten. If you cry, cling to your child, or relay a sense of dread and sadness you will only strike fear in the heart of your child.

It is the same with your pet. Please bring them with a sense of calm assurance and your pet will feel secure. Try to refrain from saying a sad

goodbye or going to look at them through their window once they are in their accommodations as this will make them think something is wrong.


Please use soft, calm voices when in our lobby in order to help us maintain a tranquil environment. High pitched squeals, loud voices, or yelling

can cause a sudden high level of energy throughout our facility and create a disruption to all of our furry guests. This is especially important for

our grooming wing as it can cause a dog to move suddenly while it's being groomed, causing an injury!


Please walk your dog in our grassy areas prior to bringing them in to our lobby. Dogs usually need a potty break directly after car rides.

Please do not let them urinate on our walls, potted plants, etc. and please notify us immediately if they have messed on our sidewalk or in our lobby.


Please supervise your children while in our lobby and for safety reasons please do not let them tap on the glass of any boarding room windows, pick up our resident cat, or stand/climb on any of our furniture. No children under the age of 16 are permitted in areas of our facility other than our lobby or restrooms.

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